Seeking Solutions to Enhance Comfort and Provide Refuge against Severe Outdoor Climatic Conditions in Abu Dhabi


Masdar City is a planned city project in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The city comprises a mixed-use, low-rise, high-density development and will become a vital component of the Masdar Initiative, established by the government of Abu Dhabi to advance the development of renewable energy clean-technology solutions.

The master plan of Masdar City is broadly guided by five themes to support the creation of mixed-use sustainable communities outlined below.

  • Provide a liveable community by implementing connectivity throughout the city and offer recreational opportunities.
  • Provide shaded and cooled walkway and public spaces for outdoor comfort.
  • Conserve water by establishing a water use and reuse system.
  • Create a productive landscape within the environment through hydrozoning planting strategy to conserve water and produce food.
  • Develop a sustainable urban system to minimise resources and create a mixed-use community.   

The year-round hot climate (temperatures can be as high as 40°C during the day) has become a challenge for city dwellers. Masdar is looking for innovative solutions for residents to enjoy the outdoors even during daytime. The solution should offer a sheltered space that will facilitate the following activities (not limited to the below):

  1. Leisure activities, such as social gatherings in public or private spaces
  2. Sheltered outdoor play area for children
  3. Seating area in public parks

Masdar City is looking for a cost-effective and self-contained solution that offers a comfortable climatic environment for outdoor use, utilising passive and/or active heat management technologies and design.



This is a call for creative solutions that could provide a space of 2m by 3m space where residents can enjoy the outdoors even during daytime when the temperature is high. The solution should be cost-effective and made of sustainable materials. Both passive and/or active heat management technologies can be deployed.

If the solution requires power, it is preferred for renewable energy to be the default source. The solution should consist of minimum moving parts and can be semi-enclosed or open, as long as it creates an environment conducive for use during the day. For semi-enclosed solutions, there is a need to account for solar radiative heating and oven-effect. The user should not need to wait for the space to be cooled down. The solution can also deploy different technologies, such as evaporative, radiative, thermoelectric cooling and/or combination of these.

Masdar is open to consider solutions that are portable. The proposal should consider ease of maintenance, transportation and set up.

The proposal should include elements such as aesthetics, ergonomics, and safety aspects to demonstrate its usability. The solution should also be easily adapted and replicated for use across the city.

Development Timeframe

A three phase approach will be adopted for this challenge:

•    Phase 1: Selection of proposals
•    Phase 2: Prototype + Testbed
•    Phase 3: Implementation of a pilot trial before Masdar City decides on the scaling-up


Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge



Proposal submissions are open from 6 May 2021 12:00PM to 29 Jul 2021 04:00PM